Saturday, September 01, 2007

August Texts

17 books in a 31-day month. Decent speed considering that I was busy with IndigNation for most the month... as well as a bunch of other research projects.

Incidentally, I really would check out the Singapore Art Museum's two new displays - curator Seng Yu Jin's got a great little gallery that looks at both the Singapore Art Society and the Equator Art Society in the light of the anti-colonial upheavals of the '50s, and the UOB Paintings of the Year are, while of uneven standard, rather charmingly arranged in a new niche gallery on the 3rd level.

+Davis McCombs's “Ultima Thule”
+Anne Carson's "Men in the Off Hours"
+Jacob Sam-La Rose's "Communion"

+Neal Stephenson's “The Diamond Age”
+Anita Desai's “The Zigzag Way”
+John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men"
+Jeanette Winterson's “Weight”

+Sarah Kane's “Complete Plays”
Stella Kon's "A Breeding Pair"

Anglo-Chinese School's “Hearts, Hopes and Aims” and “On His Wings”
T K Sabapathy's “Configuring the Body: Form and Tenor in Ng Eng Teng”
Constance Sheares's “Bodies Transformed: Ng Eng Teng in the Nineties”
+Judith Helmer and Florian Malzacher's “Not Even a Game Anymore: The Theatre of Forced Entertainment”
Confucius's "Analects" (reread)
+Ding Wangdao's “Understanding Confucius”
+The Promote Mandarin Council's “Huaren.Huayu.Huawen”/“Mandarin: The Chinese Connection”
+Chua Beng-Huat's "Communitarian Ideology and Democracy in Singapore"

Toy Factory's “Big Fool Lee”
+Jochen Roller's "perform performing"
+Action Theatre's "Hitting on Women"
+The Theatre Practice's “If There're Seasons”
Action Theatre's "Real Men, Fake Orgasms"

+Tan Pin Pin's "Invisible City"
+Royston Tan's "881"
+Adam Shankman's "Hairspray"
Rajendra Gour's "Labour of Love: the Housewife", "My Child, My Child", +"Eyes" and +"Sunshine - Singapore"
+Brad Bird and Jan Pinkava's “Ratatouille”

+IndigNation's “Idiosyncrasies”
NAC's "Singapore Art Exhibition"
Ming Wong, Lynn Lu and +Ho Tzu Nyen's "Word of Mouth: Curating Lab"
Victoria Dunn's "Now”
+Singapore Art Museum's ”From Words to Pictures: Art of the Emergency”
+Singapore Art Museum's “The Best of UOB”

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