Sunday, September 23, 2007


Our run's over! And we got generally good responses! (Although the ones who couldn't quite grasp the concept didn't stick around for the talkback, so we really don't know what proportion of the audience was receptive or not.

Here's a Photobooth pic of me in my Confucianised schoolboy costume:

Sorry about the colour: I was in the dressing room and it was only 20 min to house opening by then. More photos at the VISTA blog.

Feeling really good about the way we collaborate - we're all really quite unconventional artists in our fields, and we work rather well together in terms of exchanging ideas and being willing to interpret each others' art forms. Ich bin ein Interdisciplinarian, already. :D

Next workshop's in early October, in prep for a further presentation in December. I also get my first paycheck at the end of the month (I know! We get paid to experiment! Gnarly, huh?)

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