Thursday, September 27, 2007


There's actually a reason why I'm not going to JB for the film fest... I have artist friends performing in the Future of Imagination Festival, and I'm gonna catch some of 'em. Singapore artists participating include Lee Wen, Lynn Lu, Khairuddin Hori and Andree Wechsler. Website here.

Below's a photo I took recently after Andree Wechsler's "Innocence 2" performance, where she herself with baby powder and then ate it and blew it out at us four times in a row.

Substation co-Director Audrey Wong and me, both wearing Khairuddin's Restitution T-shirts.

And - ah, what the hell - another photo from the Tunnel Party, of four very smart and socially activist ladies - Audrey, Tan Hui Yee, Yap Ching Wi and her sister Yap Ching Yi. (I know I don't have a chance in hell, but Hui Yee is frickin' hot!)

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