Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I know I'm kind of late with this, but...

... couldn't Time Out Singapore have had one professional theatremaker on their list of 40 Heroes instead of just Geetha Creffield?

(I asked her once, before the launch of "last boy", if she could organise a dramatised performance of the poems like she did for Aaron Maniam's book. She didn't get back to me, for understandable reasons - my poems are a little bit too sexy for mission schools.)

Monday, October 27, 2008

More photos from Egypt

Outdoor museum, Karnak, Luxor.

Drugstore, Aswan.

Fruit stand, Alexandria.

Pharaoh bearing char siew pao, Abu Simbel.

Felucca cruise, Luxor.

Train station, Cairo.

Statue of Memnon, West Bank, Luxor.

Collapsed pyramid, Saqqara.

Christian cross made from recycled materials, Karnak temple, Luxor.

Lobby of Crillon Hotel, Alexandria.

Blackened ruins of cruiseboat fire from a few months ago, Luxor.

Tomb of the Hairdressers, Saqqara.

Karnak Temple, Luxor.

Seafood restaurant, Alexandria.

Durian offerings, Luxor Temple, Luxor.

Pineapple soft drink, Rest stop between Luxor and Dahab.

New Pola Hotel, Luxor.

Black Pyramid, Dahshur.

Temple of Ramses, Abu Simbel.

Elephantine Museum, Aswan.

Humanoid ankh, Karnak Temple, Luxor.

Humongous concrete birthday cake, between Aswan and Luxor.

Red Pyramid, Dahshur.

French toast, Luxor.

Father teaching New Pola Hotel chef how to make French toast, Luxor.

Cheesy snacks, Alexandria.

Menu, Alexandria.

Great Library, Alexandria.

Really weird machine, Karnak Temple, Luxor.

Bent Pyramid, Dahshur.

Towel origami in the shape of foreskins, New Pola Hotel, Luxor.

Artificial reef, Alexandria.

Gift Arcade, Valley of the Kings, Luxor.

Temple of Ramses, Abu Simbel.

Surprisingly good meal (roast pigeon, beef steak, French fries, potato gravy, beans and rice with beehoon bits), Aswan.

Christian graffiti, Temple of Isis, Beit al-Jala.

Sunset on the Nile, Luxor.

Fort Qaitbey, Alexandria.

Train, between Luxor and Aswan.

Rest area, Valley of the Kings, Luxor.

Step Pyramid, Saqqara.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm teaching my niece Kimberlyn how to upload pictures

Kimberlyn says, "Such a cute little cat."

It is funny when someone is headless!!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


...I'm amazed at the quality of digital manipulation that amateur film is capable of now.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'll be there tomorrow. Will you?

Subordinate Court No. 5 at 9:30 am on 23 Oct 08, Thursday

TBT 18 trial begins on Thursday

The trial for the 18 activists charged for protesting outside Parliament House in March this year will begin this Thursday in the Subordinate Courts in Court No. 5. It is scheduled to last till 7 Nov 08.

The hearing is the first in the history of Singapore where a group of activists defied the law prohibiting the gathering of 5 or more persons in public. The protest was part of the Tak Boleh Tahan! campaign to highlight poverty in Singapore and the Government's greed in continuing to raise fees and prices even as wages of the people shrink.

The protesters had gathered outside Parliament House on 15 Mar 08 which is also World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD). They were confronted by the police outside the Funan Centre on South Bridge Road whereupon 12 persons were arrested. They and six other were subsequently charged on two counts:

i. under Section 5(4)(b) Chapter 184 of the Miscellaneous Offences (Public and Nuisance Act) for participating in an assembly outside Parliament House on 15 Mar 08,

ii. under Section 5(4)(b) Chapter 184 of the Miscellaneous Offences (Public and Nuisance Act) for participating in a procession outside Funan Centre on 15 Mar 08.

The activists are not only challenging the constitutionality of the law but also the selective enforcement of it. The Consumer Association of Singapore (CASE) also conducted protests on the same occasion in 2007 and 2008 outside Parliament House. CASE is headed by PAP MPs Mr Yeo Guat Kwang (Aljunied GRC) and Dr Teo Ho Pin (Bukit Panjang).

CASE is a member of the Consumers International which celebrates WCRD every year. This year the CASE held a march, which involved thousands of people, to protest against the marketing of junk food.

But while the police cracks down on TBT protesters, it turns a blind eye to CASE's protest.

Oh wow.

From this Christian website. Every time you think parody couldn't get a little deader...

Jim Bramlett

Buy Postage Block African witchcraft curses against McCain and Palin NOW!
Jim Bramlett
Sep 28 2008 04:12PM

Dear friends:


Minutes ago I spoke with friend Dr. Norman G. Marvin, M.D. and he is so concerned at what he has learned about Barack Obama's family in Kenya that he is calling a special prayer meeting in his home to pray against the witchcraft curses attempted by them against John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Dr. Marvin sent me the below e-mail from Flo Ellers. Flo is credentialed with the International Fellowship of Ministries which is based in Washington State. She is also a member of EndTime Handmaidens and Servants of Jasper, Arkansas.



From Flo Ellers. Excerpt. (Emphasis supplied in bold and underlines.)

Two days ago, I listened to a 9-6-08 message by Bree Keyton, a young woman evangelist who had just traveled to Kenya and visited Obama's home village and what she found out about his relations with his tribal people was chilling. And his "cousin" Odinga was dreadful. She said the witches, warlocks and those involved in satanism and the occult get up daily at 3 a.m. to release curses against McCain and Palin so B. Hussein Obama is elected.

Bree Keyton told the tribal "Christians" you are NOT Christian if you practice "tribalism" where they do voodoo to conjure up a goddess spirit or a "genie" and then come to church on Sunday to worship Jesus! What she discovered there is apparent in most churches around the world; namely, mixture in the church. Some renounced their devilish practices of blood covenant by killing sheep, goats, humans to be inducted into the tribe or to get a wife or to get revenge.

She said the current president of Kenya is a Christian. However, Obama's cousin Odinga ran aganist him and said he rigged the election and stirred up the masses to rape woman and boys, kill and burn and torture Christians, etc. until Obama contacted Condeleeza Rice and she granted Obama the right to contact Odinga and other ruling elders and he "convinced" them to stop terrorizing the Christians. Bree Keyton said the current Christian President was forced by our government (!) to "create" an office for Odinga (to make "peace") so he was made the Prime Minister (!) to make peace between the Christians and Odinga's Muslim religion!

Bree Keyton went and visited Obama's tribal people and she found out Obama is 75% Arab and his family are Muslims. Odinga is strill trying to become the President of Kenya. If he does, he will make a law forbidding all public preaching and institute Sharia Law. Bree K. said Odinga has made a pact with satan.

Bree K. also said when Obama visited his tribe in '06 and as late as Jan. '08 he went to every elder's home which has a "shrine" inside to worship the genie and asked for their blessing. She was told Obama and Odinga were both "destined" before they were born to be president/leader of their nation. They say "he is the chosen one". She said Obama's grandmother sacrificed a black and a white chicken to the "goddess of the river" so both whites and blacks will vote for Obama. All Islam loves and worships Obama. The world is mesmerized by him. Oprah's 200 million followers are out to elect Obama. Also, Dick Morris of Fox News was sent to Kenya to help Odinga run his campaign! I find that unbelievable.

The occultists are "weaving lazy 8's around McCain's mind to make him look confused and like an idiot". Bree K. said we need to break these curses off of him that are being sent from Kenya.

I read a portion of "Obama Nation" book and looked at several websites and found most of this information to be true, all except the curses part, of course....

End of excerpt.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two disorienting pieces of news

1. After my spending one month abroad, I've found that my grandmother no longer seems to recognise my face. She's had several strokes in the past, but before now, she's always smiled when she saw me.

2. I've found out that one of my favourite porn stars, Mason Wyler, was recently brutally raped in his own home. Besides the fact that the circumstances were really strange, this is a guy whom I've felt like I'd be able to be friends with in real life.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Photos from Cairo

Pyramids, Giza.

Bank, Downtown.

Khan-El-Khalil, Islamic Cairo.

Skyline, Downtown.

Waffle with lemon butter, Hotel Osiris.

6th of October Bridge, Downtown.

Sphinx, Giza.

Hanging Church, Coptic Cairo.

Horse skeleton, Sahara Desert.

Building, Gezira.

Monastery of St George, Coptic Cairo.

Church of St Sergius, Coptic Cairo.

Non-alcoholic beer, Ramses Railway Station.

Sunset, Sahara Desert.

Father meditating, Hotel Osiris.