Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Texts September 2008

Scant reading this time, but I won't apologise: have been movin' my ass instead! (Also have finished one Mandarin book, which is an important achievement for someone like me.)

+Vikram Seth's "The Golden Gate"
John Mateer's "Southern Barbarians"

+Ruth L. Ozeki's "My Year of Meat"

Joan Vail Thorne's "The oExact Centre of the Universe"
Amy and David Sedaris's "The Book of Liz"

+Chris Alden's "China in Africa"
+Han Han's "Caihong de Lingyi Duan"

Joavien Ng's "Lab"
+Ming Hwa Yuan Taiwanese Opera Company's "The Immortal of Peng Lai"
+T.H.E. Dance Company's "Old Sounds"
+Lee Wen's "Anthropometry"

+LaSalle's "NO WONDER"
+The Singapore Biennale 2008
+Showcase Singapore
+Wong Hoy Cheong's "Bound For Glory"
+NUS Museum's “Archives and Desires: Selections from the Mohammad Din Mohammad Collection”
+Ronald Ventura's "Mapping the Corporeal"
+8Qsam's "8Q-rate"

+Lian Pek's "Mad About English"
John T. Bone's "Depraved Fantasies"
Royston Tan's "12 Lotus"

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