Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I'm still alive!

Just felt like saying so after a coupla moody days. It's not a lot of stress planning your slightly ageing father's tour of the Holy Land, but it's some stress.

Felt a lot better today after dipping in the Dead Sea. I'd love to post images, but my usual memory card's full and the other one won't copy on the computer.

Oddly enough, I'm experiencing a lot of joy reading English books (other than the Lonely Planet Guides). I finished Han Han's "The Other Side of the Rainbow" and now I'm supposedly ploughing through Jin Yong's "Lian Cheng Jue") a well as a second-hand extended dramatic poem by Pablo Neruda, but I came across C. S. Lewis's "The Great Divorce" and Michael Cunningham's "The Hours" in the convent library (yes, we're staying in a convent) - and it's just so refreshing to read English literature, with its ironic language - okay gotta log off.

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