Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Washington DC pix!!!

More shots from what I'm affectionately calling our American family vacation on steroids...

Spacepod and inaudible guide, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Family eating, Chinatown.

Remarkably realist totem, African Art Museum

Brother bemused, Capitol

WW2 fighter plane, Air and Space Museum

Emanations, Library of Congress

Father fooling around, Capitol

Nigerian mask, Museum of African Arts

Aeroplane interior miniatures, Museum of Air and Space

Disney Dumbo ride car (decommissioned), American History Museum

White House

White House protestors

Mother at guacamole demonstration, Oyamel nouveau Mexican restaurant

"Black corn truffles", Oyamel nouveau Mexican restaurant

Astronaut fecal bag, Air and Space Museum

Indian tourists, FDR Memorial

Capitol Dome, Capitol

Brother's ex-roommate Brent, nearby suburbia

Surprising Chinese-American name, Vietnam War Memorial

Badly-lit family, Lincoln Memorial

Precolumbian Indian and African babies, Library of Congress

"Night at the Museum" props, the Castle

Star Spangled Banner re-enactment, American History Museum

Sleeping lady, Haupt Garden

Kermit the Frog muppet and imitator, American History Museum

Bucolic scene, the Castle

Monday, June 29, 2009

HERE by Ho Tzu Nyen... still in theatres

If you didn't catch HERE at the Picturehouse last week, never fear: it's still showing for a while longer. It'll be on from Thursday 2 July to Sunday 5 July, specific times to be uploaded to the Picturehouse site by Wednesday.

For more about the film, click here: www.herethefilm.com

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I've reached my quota on Picasa picture storage.

So to tide you over till my next pic-heavy post, here's some Thomas the Tank Engine yaoi.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

We're performing tonight!

I'm talking about ARTS Fission's A Garden Affair 013: Bird Call, of course. Tickets are sold out (well, it's free, but we've got a capacity of 40 and we've got bookings of about 65 each night. So yeah, we're sold out).

Unfortunately the dance studio is not very photogenic:

From left to right: Elysa Wendi (choreographer), Scarlett, Shirley, Mayu, Edwin, Bobbi and Lynn.

Look how they turn the simplest of tasks into an artistic act! No lah; I'm seriously impressed at how the ARTS Fission troupe willingly commits itself to practice, teaching, brainstorming, researching and sai gang. They're a really cool group of people.

I do have a few gorgeous pics, but they'd give away some of the ideas we have. So I'll post them after the show.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

HERE by Ho Tzu Nyen

Posting this for a friend-cum-really cool local artist:

Singapore film selected for the Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes Film Festival 2009,
runs from 25 June - 1 July 2009 at The Picturehouse

I. Ticketing details

1. Showtimes
Dates : 25 June - 1 July 2009
Time : one show time daily from Monday to Friday, additional screenings on weekend (2nd week run to be advised

25th June 2009, Thu 19:20
26th June 2008, Fri 21:40
27th June 2009, Sat, 13:00, 15:00. 21:40
28 June 2009, Sunday, 12:50, 19:40

2. Tickets available at
- The Cathay box office, 2 Handy Road, level 5
- www.cathay.com.sg (from 18 June 2009)

3. Discounts:
- 12% discount on tickets purchased at box-office only with UOB Visa card.

4. Group bookings / Director Q&A
- Private hall screenings can be arranged. Contact Cathay cinema at 6736-7228 or cinddie_teo@cathay.com.sg with preferred dates and times.
- Halls available on a first-come-first serve basis. 2 weeks’ advance notice to the cinema preferable (for programming reasons).
- A 25-minute post-screening Q&A session with the director can be arranged, depending on his availability. Please contact media@gsmprjct.com to enquire.

5. About the film

II. The Picturehouse Explores: HERE - Dialogue Session with Director Ho Tzu Nyen

Date : Sat 27 June 2009
Time : 3.00pm, 5.00pm
Venue: The Picturehouse Lounge.
Level 5, The Cathay, 2 Handy Rd

Free Of Charge. Light refreshments will be served. Film screenings before and after. RSVP your attendance to thepicturehouse@cathay.com.sg

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My god! Why did no-one tell me the President of Madagascar was so sexy?

That's Andry Rajoelina, the transitional President (they've been having some trouble down there recently) with his equally hot wife Mialy Majoelina. He's only 35 years old. Via Madagascar Not the Movie.

Granted, it might be the photo. He doesn't look drop-dead hump-your-sofa gorgeous in every shot:

But he still beats the pants off Barack.

Alright, back to work now...

UPDATE: Er, I suppose I'd be an evil dick-thinking bastard if I didn't also mention that he was installed without elections after a military coup, and there are loads of protests by the populace (not against Mr Hawtness specifically, but more about the lack of due process). He might just be an ambitious ethnic rabble-rouser dictator wannabe who happens to have a pretty face. So er, I'm just giving him his hotornot endorsement, not a mandate to rule. Just sayin'.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What do I do when I have a crazy week with too many deadlines due?

I blog silly videos:

...oh god, I just realised my 10 year-old niece reads this blog. Kimberlyn! The above video is... naughty. If you watch it, don't tell your parents.

I'm gonna be on the radio on Monday at 10am talking about Bird Call, btw.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Want to help the Iranian twitter revolution?

Eli Sanders says (with some references to the New York Times):

In our comments, and in comments on other blogs, a number of people have been asking what they can do from here in the U.S. to help the Iranian protesters. Here's a small, easy thing that's being requested by Iranians who are using Twitter to organize:

Help hide Iranian protesters: change your Twitter location to Tehran, time to +3:30 GMT.

The idea is to confuse the Iranian authorities. If every Twitter user in the world is suddenly based in Tehran, that means a lot more accounts for Iranian security operatives to comb through as they try to figure out who to track down and threaten—or worse.

Via Slog.

Garden Affair 013: Bird Call

Next Thursday and Friday, I'm involved in a contemporary dance performance called Bird Call, produced by ARTS Fission group and choreographed by Elysa Wendi. It's centred around the theme of birds, so I might have to do some dressing up in feathers. :)

Garden Affair 013 - Bird Call
Thursday 25 & Friday 26 June 2009, 8.30 pm
Garden Studio, Cairnhill Arts Center
126 Cairnhill Road #01-07/09
Within (tedious) walking distance from Newton MRT

Monday, June 15, 2009

Someone made me fanart!

Her name's Marylyn and this is what she drew, based on my poem "kami/kaze: a correspondence".

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I recently participated in KYTV's POP Station...

... thus yielding one of the most embarrassing videos of myself, ever.

The exhibition's showing at the Esplanade Jendela Studio till 29 June.

Oh, and I made a second one, too:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sunday, June 07, 2009

I'm back in Singapore!

And what a relief. I am not as free a spirit as most people assume: I am quite comfortable defined by work and community.

My last stop in North America this time was New York, which I've been revisiting every year since 2007 to follow up on loose ends - unresolved plotlines and relationships from my student life.

This time, I think the novel's over. Yes, I still have dearly loved friends and compatriots in New York, but the real passion's gone, moved on.

I was staying with George, an amazing and dangerously young Hunter College student I bumped into last year at the Pride Parade. He speaks fluent Korean, Spanish (complete with a madrileño accent), French and Greek (Ancient and modern), and now he's learning Chinese. Here he is, avoiding his summer classwork by watching his favourite multilingual Youtubes.

This one's by a Tunisian-French rapper. Means "I have a complaint". Formidable, visually as well as in text and spirit.

Both George and I are agreed that Wang is one of the finest specimens of the male form on the planet Earth, and that Rain's cuteness is overrated.

I can't remember if George said that the lead singer of this Spanish group is transsexual, or if that was someone else. The title means "More is more".

I guess one reason I'm putting these Youtubes up is to show off the fact that I supposedly speak the languages therein (not Korean, but Mandarin), but the truth is that George groks these so much more deeply and wholly and casually than I do. I mean, I can barely figure out what someone's saying in an American English song.

Language is supposed to be the basis of my career, but really, compared with someone like him, I fail.

Back to the small pond. Back to work. Build on my strengths, not on my weaknesses. Never stop making stuff. Never despair.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

May texts

+Elizabeth Alexander’s “The Venus Hottentot”
+Mary Oliver’s “Owls and Other Fantasies”
+Ryan Mecum’s “Zombie Haiku”

+Max Frisch’s “Homo Faber”
+Gaile Parkin's “Baking Cakes in Kigali”
+Neil Gaiman's "The Graveyard Book"
+Chuck Palhniuk's "Pygmy"

+Jean Baudrillard’s “The Spectre of Terrorism”
+Dan Savage’s “The Commitment”

+ René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo's “Asterix in Switzerland”
+Anne Taintor’s “I Can’t Be Good All the Time”

=“New Swiss Writing”

Entity Theatre Workshop's "Equus"
+A bunch of shows at Walt Disney World
+=A bunch of shows on the Freedom of the Seas, Nassau

Singapore Art Museum's "Threads" and ="An Unbroken Line: The Wu Guanzhong Donation Collection"
+"Thomas Jefferson's Monticello"
+The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, National Museum of African Art, National Museum of the American Indian
+The Capitol

=Nick Oceano's ”Pedro”
+P. J. Hogan's ”Confessions of a Shopaholic”
Iain Softley's “Inkheart”
+Yōjirō Takita's “Departures”
+Ron Howard's “Frost/Nixon”
=Chris Williams and Byron Howard's “Bolt”
+A bunch of things in Walt Disney World
=Steven Spielberg's “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull”