Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My god! Why did no-one tell me the President of Madagascar was so sexy?

That's Andry Rajoelina, the transitional President (they've been having some trouble down there recently) with his equally hot wife Mialy Majoelina. He's only 35 years old. Via Madagascar Not the Movie.

Granted, it might be the photo. He doesn't look drop-dead hump-your-sofa gorgeous in every shot:

But he still beats the pants off Barack.

Alright, back to work now...

UPDATE: Er, I suppose I'd be an evil dick-thinking bastard if I didn't also mention that he was installed without elections after a military coup, and there are loads of protests by the populace (not against Mr Hawtness specifically, but more about the lack of due process). He might just be an ambitious ethnic rabble-rouser dictator wannabe who happens to have a pretty face. So er, I'm just giving him his hotornot endorsement, not a mandate to rule. Just sayin'.

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