Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Washington DC pix!!!

More shots from what I'm affectionately calling our American family vacation on steroids...

Spacepod and inaudible guide, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Family eating, Chinatown.

Remarkably realist totem, African Art Museum

Brother bemused, Capitol

WW2 fighter plane, Air and Space Museum

Emanations, Library of Congress

Father fooling around, Capitol

Nigerian mask, Museum of African Arts

Aeroplane interior miniatures, Museum of Air and Space

Disney Dumbo ride car (decommissioned), American History Museum

White House

White House protestors

Mother at guacamole demonstration, Oyamel nouveau Mexican restaurant

"Black corn truffles", Oyamel nouveau Mexican restaurant

Astronaut fecal bag, Air and Space Museum

Indian tourists, FDR Memorial

Capitol Dome, Capitol

Brother's ex-roommate Brent, nearby suburbia

Surprising Chinese-American name, Vietnam War Memorial

Badly-lit family, Lincoln Memorial

Precolumbian Indian and African babies, Library of Congress

"Night at the Museum" props, the Castle

Star Spangled Banner re-enactment, American History Museum

Sleeping lady, Haupt Garden

Kermit the Frog muppet and imitator, American History Museum

Bucolic scene, the Castle

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