Friday, September 21, 2007

V.I.S.T.A Lab 1.0: IMPETUS

An installation/performance by Choy Ka Fai, Zulkifle Mahmod, Ng Yi-Sheng, Torrance Goh/FARMWORK, Patricia Toh and Joavien Ng

Haven't really splashed it around yet, but I'm part of an interdisciplinary art collective now under Theatreworks. We've been collaborating on a performance piece about history/memory of Singapore in the 1980s, and that's going up on Friday and Saturday night - 21 and 22 September - at the Theatreworks home, 72-13.

V.I.S.T.A stands for Visual.Interactive.Sound.Text.Architecture, and I'm especially lucky to be chosen to participate because the director/curator/multimediarian Choy Ka Fai rarely works with text. He said he chose me because he knows I won't write a conventional scripted play - in other words, I've been chosen because I'm a bad playwright. :D (The truth is, most of the writing I've done for this show comes closer to poetry than drama.)

The other collaborating creatives are Zulkifie Mahmod (Sound Artist), Torrance Goh/FARMWORK (Architect/Set Designer), Patricia Toh (Actress/Performer), Joavien Ng (Choreographer/Performer), Mohd Fared Jainal (Graphic Designer) and Andy Lim (Lighting Designer). For our next installment we should be joined by Khoo Eng Tat (Interaction Engineer/Designer), Lim Hock Siang (Musician) and Grace Tan/Kwodrent (Clothing Designer).

Here's the brief:

Conceived and created by Ka Fai, V.I.S.T.A Lab is a series of workshops that encourage interaction among the collaborating artists, who each produces unconventional works in their respective fields. Besides IMPETUS, two other productions under V.I.S.T.A Lab will be staged in December 2007 and February 2008.

Date : 21, 22 September 2007
Time : 8pm
Venue : 72-13 Mohamed Sultan Rd (located next to The Pier) Singapore 239007
Admission: $5

To book seats, ring: 6737 7213 or email :

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