Friday, September 14, 2007

I am the dictionary definition of overcommitment.

I don't know how exactly I ended up getting involved in so many... odd projects and activities. In the last coupla weeks, I've been:

1. Studying for my Arabic exam at Jamiyah business school:

(The hawker centre near the Muslim converts' association has very good duck porridge).

2. Rehearsing for Impetus, the first production by art collective V.I.S.T.A (more on that later)

3. Doing nude modelling for a life drawing class at NTU:

(Someone drew a smiley-face!)

4. Babysitting my niece Kimberlyn.

(I actually took her to the Museums, but because of upload problems I'll just show this monstrous Care Bear dance that was going on at Compassvale Point. Gawd, isn't it hideous how animated figures are small and talkative on screen and then huge and mute in meatspace?)

5. Attending my capoeira batizado workshop.

6. Meeting ACS (I) administrators and old boys regarding a commemorative book I'm doing for them

7. Eating frogs' legs porridge and sting ray with my parents in Geylang (which is not so strange unless you have parents who love to ogle the sex shops together. Also, I don't think I've walked through the colossal noise and richness of it before... phonecards being hawked in Mandarin and Tamil, old men spitting in the street, giant plaster models of crayfish hanging from the doorframes... the sex workers are the least of it. Great food, btw.

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