Sunday, September 02, 2007

I Am the Biggest Blurfuck Ever

On Friday morning I lost my mobile phone in the bus. (Strangely enough, although I checked with the bus company and home before cancelling, I didn't think of *calling* the number to see if someone who'd picked it up might answer...)

Saturday night I get a replacement SIMcard. The Hello shop guy tells me the SIMcard will only get activated tomorrow.

Ten minutes ago, a friend instant messages me to check if I'm okay.

It turns out I missed one of my best friend's weddings because I thought it was in December instead of September. Everyone's been trying to call me to find out where I am since the church service in the morning.

GAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! How can I make up for a blur fuckup like that? Plus, it was going to be the first wedding of a friend my age I'd attend - not too many of my friends can actually *get* married.

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