Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Three Things.

1. My friends (do I know them well enough for them to be my friends?) John Tan Liang Joo, Isrizal bin Mohamed and Shafi’ie are being tried for contempt of court for wearing kangaroo T-shirts to protest one of LKY's defamation trials as "a kangaroo court". It'll be at the High Court 6B from Tuesday to Thursday, 10 am.

Go and support them. Not sure if I can today, given that I'm a bit sick, but I'll definitely be there one of the days.

2. The U.S. elections are today. Jesus fuckin' Christ. John's of the opinion that both Obama and McCain are equally bad in terms of foreign policy, but I honestly think the US (and any concept of world human rights) will go down the toilet permanently if McCain wins. And you know what? I kinda like America. New York City, at least. Which counts.

(See Gawker for larger image of the above. UPDATE: Obama says his grandmother passed away on Monday.)

3. I'm rather distracted by artist David Kawena's illustrations of Disney heroes as underwear models. Below photo from Hollywire, artist's Deviantart page here, better access here.

(There, I blogged about things according to priority. Happy? Sigh.)

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