Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Good news!

1. A number of news sources are calling the American elections for Obama. I'm at an American friend's house watching CNN; they've projected an Obama win in Ohio and Virginia. (These are based on exit polls, so the Bradley effect isn't taken into account...)

OMG! CNN just called it for Obama (also based on projection)! And they're being extra-cautious after Kerry and Gore...

UPDATE: McCain's already giving his concession speech! And he's being incredibly classy... I now understand why Andrew Sullivan thought he could end bipartisanship. The crowd's booing a bit.

UPDATE TO UPDATE: Obama's talking. Oh, I know it's formulaic, his oratory style, but I'm still tearing up. Everyone in the room is crying, *everyone*. (I'm in an American dyke couple's house with their friends, y'see.)

2. Isrizal from the kangaroo T-shirt case tells me his side has managed to strike out the affidavits from the AG. The prosecution will have to bear the cost and the hearing is adjourned till 24 November.

3. My mum just got to meet Prince Andrew in Chengdu.

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