Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Photos from the Sinai Peninsula

Near Mt Sinai, St Katherine's Protectorate.

Bedouin guards, St Katherine's Protectorate.

Monastery Giftshop, St Katherine's Monastery.

Dinner, St Katherine's Monastery Guesthouse.

Backpacking Japanese instant friend, St Katherine's Monastery Guesthouse.

Russian pilgrims, Monastery's Guesthouse.

Cafe, Monastery's Guesthouse.

Our room, Monastery Guesthouse.

Mysterious nook, St Katherine's Monastery.

2:30 am outside our room, Monastery Guesthouse.

Pilgrims about to climb Mt Sinai, Monastery Guesthouse.

Bedouin camel for tourists, Carmel Path.

Pilgrims, Carmel Path.

Bedouin coffee-and-souvenir shops, Carmel Path.

Rest stop, Carmel Path.

Summit, Mt Sinai.

Sunrise, Mt Sinai.

Enlightened pilgrims, Mt Sinai.

Us, Mt Sinai.

Summit of Mt Sinai after sunrise.


Bedouin souvenir hawker.

Emergency Clinic.

Rest stop, Steps of Penitence.



Graft of the Burning Bush, St Katherine's Monastery.

Rooms at Sphinx Hotel, Dahab.

Restaurant behind Sphinx Hotel, Dahab.

Puddy tat, Dahab.

Puddy tat taking advantage of father, Dahab.

Hong Kong kids whom we hitched a ride with to Petra after only occupying the room for two hours, Dahab.


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TIRAMISU said...

Amazing photos of Mt Sinai!