Thursday, November 06, 2008

Seeking an Audience: A Symposium on Singapore Literature in English

Hey, I'm doing a 4:30pm panel, a 6:30pm reading and having a 5:30pm mini-singthru of "Georgette" at this event. It's co-organised by NLB and NTU.

Details from here. You've gotta be registered to attend the early events (and the deadline's passed), but everything's open from 5:30pm on.

Cocktail Reception at The POD, Level 16, National Library Building
* A musical performance produced by Stella Kon
* Reading by Ng Yi-Sheng and impromptu readings by others
* Readings by Joseph Prem Anand and Fam Wee Wei, from Bear Fruit (Creative Writing) Programme

The Symposium is being held in connection with the launch of Singapore Literature in English: an Annotated Bibliography compiled and edited by Prof. Koh Tai Ann in collaboration with the National Library.

Registration has closed on 24 October 2008 and all successful registrants have been notified. We regret that only confirmed registrants will be admitted. Thank you.

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