Saturday, June 12, 2010

Who's gonna win Singapore Literature Prize 2010?

I'm reading Wena Poon's "The Proper Care of Foxes" now.

It's the best book of short stories I've seen come out of Singapore in a long time - possibly since Alfian Sa'at's "Corridor".

I'm trying to figure out whether it should/will beat Cyril Wong's "Let Me Tell You Something About That Night", which is incredibly excellent, but also extremely difficult. It really alienates some people, including Mohan, and of course, who knows if Cyril's even submitted it.

I think Edwin Thumboo's "Still Travelling" will be shortlisted, but it won't win.

Johann S. Lee's "Quiet Time" ought to get shortlisted, if anyone's bothered to submit it.

Am probably leaving out loads of other books. Any guesses?

UPDATE: How could I forget Koh Jee Leong's kickass book of poetry "Equal to the Earth" (in which I'm actually mentioned)?

Wow, nothing by Firstfruits in this lineup.


mish said...

Why does Cyril Wong's book alienate people, including Mohan?

MG said...

Dunno; just found the language a bit strange (but I like his poetry).

Dunno how the SG Lit Prize works.

But Cyril's Fires was released 2009 (haven't read): ebook can or not?

Also got Gilbert Koh's Two Baby Hands, 2009 (yeah I know everyone else don't like, and anyway this one sure lose to Proper Care of Foxes la).

Eating Air qualify or not?


MG said...

Also got Koh Jee Leong's Equal to the Earth right? (also haven't read)

Ng Yi-Sheng said...

Oh you're right! Equal to the Earth stands a very good chance. In fact, I bugged him to submit.

meh said...

2 baby hands is amateurish and his response to nicholas is pathetic. His work doesnt even deserve to be published.