Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Texts May 2010

A lot of graphic texts this month and not much non-fiction. (Effects of my New York Amazon grab.)

+Cathy Park Hong’s “Dance Dance Revolution”
+Dorothy Porter’s “The Monkey’s Mask”

Christine Suchen Lim’s “Rice Bowl”
=Isa Kamari’s “Nadra”
+“The Best of Singapore Erotica”
+HG Wells's "The First Men in the Moon"
+Ayu Utami’s “Saman”

+Haresh Sharma’s “Trilogy”
=Robert David MacDonald’s “The Ice House”

+Naldo Rei’s “"Resistance: A Childhood Fighting for East Timor"

=R Sikoryak's “Masterpiece Comics”
+James Gurney’s “Dinotopia” and “The World Beneath”
Lucy Knisley’s =“French Milk” and +“Radiator Days”
= Marguerite Abouet and Clement Oubrerie's “Aya of Yop City”
+Larry Gonick's “The Cartoon History of the Modern World Vol 2”
=Michael Kupperman's “Tales Designed to Thrizzle! Volume One”

+Robert Bly's “Iron John: A Book About Men”

+Ayan Mukerji's “Wake Up Sid!”
+Christopher Nolan's “The Dark Knight”
+Dong-hun Choi's “Woochi”
=Shawn Levy's “Date Night”
most of =Billie Woodruff's “Honey”

+SITI Company’s “Bobrauschenbergamerica”
+“Next to Normal” (on Broadway)
=Pentas Project’s “The Lost and the Ecliptic”
+Rimini Protokoll's "Cargo"
+The Mango Dollies' "Live and Unplucked"
+faifai's "Y O'Clock"
+The Necessary Stage's "Those Who Can't, Teach"
+Elevator Repair Service's "Gatz"
Haris Pasovic's "Football, Football"
+Emmanuele Phuon and Amrita Performing Arts's "Khmeropedies II"
Peter Brook and Theatre des Bouffes du Nord's "11 and 12"
+Pichet Klunchun Dance Company's "Nijinsky Siam"
+Toy Factory's "Maha Moggallana"
+Tim Crouch's "I, Malvolio"
+T.H.E. Dance Company's "O Sounds"
+Buds Theatre Company's "Colder Than Here"
+Jeremiah Choy's "Emily of Emerald Hill" (rehearsal)

=Khalil Chishtee's "Dreaming of Dreaming"
+Danny Yung's "Tian Tian Xiang Shang"
+Compagnie Carabosse's "Invitation to Dream: A Fire Garden Installation"
=Ming Wong's "Life Of Imitation"
+The National Art Gallery, Singapore and the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea's "Realism in Asian Art"
+The Esplanade's "Making History: How Southeast Asian Art reconquers the past to conjure the future"
+Era Dance Theatre Unlimited, Yayasan Warisan Johor and Langkan Budaya Taratak's "Zapin d'Muara"

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