Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fuck. The Singapore Police Force is using entrapment against gay sex again.

From the Electric New Paper, via Roy Tan on Facebook.

Man gropes cop in cemetery
By Elysa Chen
June 11, 2010 Print Ready Email Article

On May 4, the police conducted an anti-vice operation at the old cemetery along Jalan Kubor, an area known for vice.

The police declined to to give details of the vice activities.

A plainclothes policeman was standing alone in a poorly lit spot when he was approached by Jagadiswaran Krisnan, 32, a coffee house supervisor, at about 10.40pm.

Jagadiswaran struck up a conversation with the undercover cop.

Two other police officers were stationed a short distance away, ready to provide help.

While talking to the officer, Jagadiswaran, a Malaysian, moved closer to him. He told the officer that he was there "to have fun".

Then, he suddenly raised his hand and stroked the officer's chest and private parts.

That was when the undercover cop identified himself and, with the help of his colleagues, arrested the man.

Jagadiswaran was charged with behaving in an indecent manner in a public place. He was fined $1,000 on Tuesday.


YS: Indecent manner? I'll give you an indecent manner. Fucking pigs. How do we complain?

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Anonymous said...

maybe I've been away from Singapore for too long, but what precisely did he do?
And wouldn't have to plead "not guilty" for this to go anywhere?