Thursday, June 24, 2010

Chua Siew Nai (1923-2010)

She was my grandma. Even when the first of these photos was taken, she couldn't walk, talk or go to the toilet or eat by herself. Hadn't been able to for years. And even before that, we'd hardly been able to communicate because of language differences.

She passed away on Monday morning, just after midnight. The funeral ended last Saturday. Don't worry, I'm not actually torn up about it. And there's hardly anything for me to miss.


Han & Zan said...

Thanks for sharing that, though some people might find it morbid or disrespectful. I think society needs to look at and think about end of life issues and not gloss over or pretend things are otherwise than they are. And your post is thought-proking in that way.


Han & Zan said...

and thought-provoking also : )