Thursday, January 01, 2009

Texts December 2008!

Last book recap of the year! And that's right, I didn't watch a single movie this month.

+Saul Williams’s “The Dead Emcee Scrolls”
+潘正镭's "天微明时我是诗人"
Madeleine Lee’s “Synaesthesia”
+Wordsworth Poetry Library’s “The Works of William Blake”

+Vítězslav Nezval’s “Valerie and Her Week of Wonders”
+Alan Bennett’s “The Uncommon Reader”
+Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s “The Coming Race”

+Jean-Paul Carrière and Peter Brook’s “The Mahabharata”
+August Wilson’s “Jitney”
+Beatrice Christian’s “Blue Murder”

Singapore Writers Centre’s “Writers Resource Kit, 2nd Edition”
Charles Firth’s “American Hoax”
+Karen Armstrong’s “A Short History of Myth”

Henry Carroll and Nigel Howlett’s “Fourteen Zebra”
+Takehiko Inoue’s “Vagabond”, Vol 1 and 2
+Naoki Urasawa’s “Monster”, Vols 4-6
+ Randall Munroe’s “xkcd”
+Gene Luen Yang’s “American Born Chinese”
+"The Art of Fallout 3"

Richel Xie’s “Simon Says”
+Migrant Voices’s “Let Me Off!”
Tan Kheng Hua and Janice Koh’s “Do Not Disturb – Late Checkout Please”

+NUS Museum and Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces’ “And The Difference Is: The Independence Project”
Singapore Art Museum’s “APAD Tradition, Innovation and Continuity”
+FOST Private Limited’s “Woman on Woman: Lace”
+Studio83’s “Anonymous: Photographs by Marcus Mok”

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