Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Evilympics

I love this article about how evil the Beijing Olympics are:

"In the lead-up to Athens four years ago, the IOC got tough with Greek organizers when they didn't show progress on various issues such as stadium plans and security. Why hasn't it applied the same pressure over China's far more significant broken promises? A few stadium construction delays weren't acceptable, but apparently a hundred dead Tibetans are?"

And of course, whatever human rights media spotlight is on China in 2008 will be on Singapore when we host the Youth Olympics in 2010. That's gonna be very interesting.

(Gracias por el foto, Omar!)


矛盾 said...

From "The Times":

Adolf Hitler’s glee at exploiting the 1936 Berlin Olympics as a showcase for Nazism turned to fury when the black American athlete Jesse Owens won four gold medals. The Chinese leadership must by now be wondering whether staging the Games in Beijing will bring the regime more accolades than brickbats. Be careful what you wish for, as Confucius probably said.

From "The Daily Mail":

History repeating itself: Beijing 2008 mirrors the 1936 Berlin Olympics which were no more than a hugely successful propaganda coup for Hitler.

Despite the four gold medals of Jesse Owens, the Germans were able to hoodwink the world into believing that they were as civilised a nation as any other.

And now, history is all set to repeat itself.

Aidil Omar said...

Well Singapore is the first to say no to boycott the Beijing Olympics. We'd be the first buggers to lick Communist China's arse. For reasons you sure know why.