Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hong Kong. (And Macau)

It'd take way too much time to describe the trip in detail, but I will eventually. For the moment, I've maxed out my Flickr account uploading stuff from the Festival (not including my own readings, which should take up another post).

Wanna see my pics (with comments)? Go here.

Here's a foretaste:

My hosts, the ex-British military officer Nigel Collett and his partner Austin Aloysius Tay from Singapore. They run a company managing the employment of Gurkhas in East Asia and have a home full of books and artefacts, boasting alphabetised collections of gay biography and South Asian studies. Nigel, who didn't come out till his 40s, has written a grammar of Baluchi and once laid a table for a formal army luncheon in the middle of Hong Kong rush hour traffic.

Y'know, just look at the damn photoset. Incomplete though it may be. (The real reason it's not on blogger is because the site keeps giving me so many damn errors when I upload multiple shots.)

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