Thursday, February 21, 2008

Singapore's hosting the Youth Olympics 2010!

Apologies to our Mexican readers. ;) [CORRECTION: Our Muscovite readers! Apparently I can't tell the difference between Mexico and Moscow in a Mandarin newscast.]

Oddly enough, I have not met one single person who actually opposes the fact that we've bid so hard for the opportunity. The Olympics often cost a bomb to host; wouldn't the Youth Olympics be similar?

I wonder, though... given that China's been under so much human rights pressure over its hosting of the Beijing Olympics (which it's mostly ignored and trampled over, with reprisals from Mr Spielberg), mightn't Singapore face a similar human rights quandary? We kinda did in 2006 with the IMF/WB meetings.

Whatever the case, 2010's gonna be interesting. :)

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