Saturday, November 17, 2007

Too Much Information

I have a terrible habit, when a writing deadline is due, to surf Wikipedia for trivia.

I just handed in Chaps 3 and 4 of "On His Wings: Soaring" for ACS (Independent), and in process I have also learned:

1) That there is a soul food item named the Luther Burger, which consists of "a full pound of ground beef, cheese, grilled onion, five strips of bacon, and two Krispy Kreme donuts in place of the buns".

2) That Pussy Galore was a lesbian cat burglar and acrobat with a history of sexual abuse in the original text of Ian Fleming's Goldfinger, and that Honor Blackman, at 37 years of age, was the oldest actress to ever play a Bond girl (right next to a 34 year-old Sean Connery).

3) That in the early days of the Muppets, Jim Henson created a Kafkaesque existentialist teleplay entitled The Cube, with a premise that bears an uncanny resemblance to the Canadian cult horror movie of the same name.

4) That a new species of glassfrog, a creature whose heart, liver and digestive tract are visible through its skin, has been named after Amélie Poulain.

5) That creme de papaya, a blend of papaya and vanilla ice cream topped with creme de cassis, was a big fad in 1990s Brazil. (Other Brazilian desserts include the brigadeiro, the quindim and the açaí na tigela.)

Okay, can't really remember much more. Will close with a fake trailer made by Robert Rodriguez as part of the never-realised mexploitation genre, screened during the doublebill of Grindhouse.

The lead actor, Danny Trejo, is 63 years old and played the mad professor in Spy Kids. It's been greenlighted for a full feature production!

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Anonymous said...

I am reminded of the ghetto mcGriddle, invented by me, named by some drunk drag queen.

A Sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on an old fashioned donut at Dunkin Donuts.