Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gua berumur 27 tahun.

Thanks for the birthday wishes guys! (Who knew the Facebook revolution would have this effect? I was able to turn 26 in perfect seclusion in contrast to this.)

Best gift of the day (considering my parents were out of town): a special birthday roda, in which I got my ass thoroughly whupped by everyone attending Sunday's capoeira class.

'I didn't know 27 felt so old!'

Standing in the background you will see evidence of why I put up with the physical trauma. Yowza. (Kidding: Heng Boon isn't really my type. Chew on the other hand...)

Just got back from celebrations of my godma's 60th birthday. She's born on 29 November, but she decided to have a big ol' abalone chowdown at Allson hotel tonight, and I got to cut the cake with her.

Yes, that is Mediacorp TV playing in the background. Channel News Asia came on during the noodle course and announced that the body of Reuben Kee had been found. I'm his friend on Facebook but I have no idea who he is. Was. Urk.

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Anonymous said...

smart alec types are really v unattractive, esp those who are already attractive.