Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rights and Royalties

Straits Times commentator Janadas Devan roxxors off my soxxors in his incisive and rhetorically luminous analysis of NMP Thio Li-Ann's speech in favour of preserving 377A. There's a copy of his story blogged over here.

In other news, I've received my first ever royalty cheque for a book! For "last boy", no less. No kidding; every single other book I've been published in - SQ21, 5 under 25, No other City - has been royalty-free. (Some schools have sent me cheques for performances of "Hungry", though.)

$318 = 10% of total book sales of $3,180
= 10% of 212 books selling at $15 each

Let's assume that's at least 220 books, since several were bought at discounted prices. Whoop de doo; I've sold out nearly half my print run.


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Parabens! Royalties, that's so cool :)