Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pink Red Hot

Activist/artist Seelan Palay just did these crayon/oil illustrations against 377A. He's straight, incidentally, but his images are a wee bit R-rated.

From last night's google chat:

me: what does the tamil say?

6:19 AM Seelan: "let us struggle/protest"
me: the figure with the arrow - is he the dwarf avatar of vishnu?
6:20 AM Seelan: maybe thats who he is, but after drawing it I was thinking more like a coffeeshop prata uncle
cause I knew one man like that who was gay
6:21 AM he would go to surf porn at my friend's cybercafe late at night in the corner computer
me: lol
6:22 AM Seelan: and he is supposedly holding a cooking spoon then?
me: for making prata?
Seelan: for scooping curry
6:23 AM but yes, lets stick with the dwarf avatar too

See more of his stuff at

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