Sunday, January 06, 2008

Endorphin Rush!

Good news: I'm in a much better mood now. Partly due to having a capoeira lesson today, partly due to my having pretty much given up on that feckless prettyboy F and having decided to chase other feckless prettyboys.

(Strangely enough, I've realised that not chasing anyone just pushes me into an even deeper funk: I am, like Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman and Cowardly Lion, defined by my questing desires. Sorry Amidha Buddha; I'm an existentialist after all).

Anyhow, to celebrate my newfound goodcheer, I'm uploading a buncha photos taken over the past coupla weeks to exhibit the fun-filled extemporanea of my life.

Actually, this one's not about fun: visited the artist/activist Seelan Palay on the fourth day of his 5-day fast outside the Malaysian High Commission. He was protesting against the arrest of the HINDRAF rally leaders under the Internal Security Act. As illustrated, you may see his friend eating, and him not eating.

We talked about racism and class ignorance in Singapore and Malaysia (god, lower-class Tamils really do have it bad, even considering who we've got as President). Read more about his protest here.

This is the Talking Globe I was ever so tempted to shoplift from the Salvation Army dump pile. It hadn't been processed yet, so I grabbed it and was about to head off for the bus stop when I reflected that I could actually buy one for my niece, and maybe some shopper who'd never get a globe otherwise might buy it for his or her underprivileged kid and inspire him or her to, I don't know, rediscover the source of the Nile. So I just took photos of it on the highway.

I did however buy a $5 G2000 grey longsleeve shirt and a $30 sequined slinkydress, both of which fit like gloves. Eventually I'll have occasion to show 'em off. Stay tuned.

I met up with Ka Fai that same evening and he told me VISTA Lab 3.0's gonna be shifted all the way from February 2008 to whenever 2009, with a bigger budget and hell, maybe some actual solid creative vision this time (though he and everyone else loved the chitterlings out of VISTA Lab 2.0). We hung out and talked kulturkampf at the Taka fountain and Borders Burger King and Coffee Bean 'n' Tea Leaf and the bar on Emerald Hill where his ex-girlfriend last kissed him before flying to marry another man in Taiwan.

Ka5: : Theatre must reflect the culture of that specific generation. And what is our generation? It’s already past. It’s a post-MTV generation. And what are we moving towards? I wrote two years ago that the future of theatre lies in the spontaneity of live performance. That's one thing that reality TV has given us. But one thing we can fight off is the moment of a live actor onstage. He can do something else that is not pre-planned, pre-scripted. And I made Not Available On Print Date after that.

...You’re writing all that?

Ten years later you write my autobiography.

Kenneth and Matthew from Flying Inkpot hosted a New Year's party with a Games Night. I cut up my SRT King Lear press pack to make a Stop Scrabble Set; Tze Chien introduced a game where we all stuck names to each other's foreheads with spit and tried to guess who we were through 20 Questions. Natalie and Sharon from Cake Theatre were there too - we all go way back to The Necessary Stage's Playwright's Cove programme for nurturing theatre writers in my army days.

For some reason Tze Chien had particular trouble discerning his identity. He'd figured out he was a Singapore playwright, he'd just somehow ended up with an idee fixe that he was a female one. He guessed Jean Tay, Ovidia and Eleanor before he figured out he was the man who led us all into scripts.

And last Sunday I took my whole family (together with some family friends) to the National Museum for a geeky Greeky field trip: '60s artefacts and classical exhibits from the Louvre. In this photo, my father is being a spaz and my mum is being tolerant. Both attributes I am proud to have inherited.

And a photo with Johann S. Lee, author of Peculiar Chris and To Know Where I'm Coming From.

Now I'm gonna go to sleep so I can get up in time for the Unitarian Universalist worship service at Pasir Panjang CC. Gnite!

(Btw, if you're one of the people I've asked out on a date and you've read this, do bear in mind that I like you and respect you but I have really have no idea where the hell my life is going right now. And you have every opportunity to disprove my accusations of fecklessness by giving a feck.)

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