Thursday, January 31, 2008

Anaa al-anaa fii Singhafuuriati

Yeah, I'm back from Manila, with no ill effects save for a gash on my arm where a San Miguel beer bottle smashed me when I got drunk in someone's house and an annoying case of fleabite. (Let's just hope I don't pass the fleas on to my family or pets. We have enough animals in our house, thank you very much.)

And I've a truckload of photos and anecdotes to post, but right now I'll stick to showing off the work of the students in life drawing class today - now they're working with pastels!

Fabulous, huh? (Mind you, I'm leaving out the ones that make me look like I'm 9 months preggers with twins.) The title above, incidentally, is a reference to the fact that I've been furiously revising my Arabic - advanced classes start on Feb 12.

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