Sunday, December 23, 2007

Wisit Sasanatieng's "Citizen Dog"

This film is incredible. It was made in 2004 and it's only screening in Singapore now - and to a half-full audience on a Saturday afternoon, too!) Ain't that criminal?

Naturally, it's got a Wikipedia entry - apparently it's often compared to Amelie for its surrealism, but I think it's more like Like Water For Chocolate - only it's urban pomo pastiche magical realism here. The director is married to the novelist who wrote the original text.

Wisit's part of the Thai New Wave and he's been incredibly experimental - his first movie was a parody/homage to early 20th century Thai pulp cinema and now he's making forays into horror and ancient Thai painting as animation.

Go watch it! Oh yes, and the lead actor and actress are both very beautiful too.

Also watched Short Circuit 2, Singapore's second installment of gay short films - but too many depressing gay movies liao! Can't a kid live happily ever after in the indie world? Kudos to Ezzam Rahman and Ghazi Alqudcy for producing the only comedy among them, though. And a waggly finger to Alfian and Junfeng for not consulting Sayoni to get more women filmmakers.


Readymade said...

/film geek mode on

Yeah, Cathay's held on to the print forever, for whatever reason. Before the current commercial run, there were one-off screenings of "Citizen Dog" - twice during the ASEAN Film Fest in '06, and another organised by Objectifs.

I love the opening, and I think the movie started out well. But eventually the characters seemed to go in circles and pacing suffered. The work seemed to sag under the weight of its visual quirkiness.

Ng Yi-Sheng said...

I hear you. The beginning is really so much fun... I'd pay money just to watch it alone.

Readymade said...

Ah, the net provides: