Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Me Being Avuncular Again

Went out the National Library with my niece Kimberlyn today before rehearsals. After reading timeless classics such as "Easy Peasy" and "The Old Man Who Loved Cheese", we had tea at Han's while playing with PhotoBooth.

She also logged onto a website to do some Health Education online homework (Smoking is glamorous. True or false? Doing drugs makes you happy. True or false?) and then typed a charming entry in Word:

Dear Diary,

Today I went out with gugu YiSheng we only go to library but I have learnt a lot of things. Gugu said that the Christmas Tree is a pointed tree.


I'd actually been trying to explain to her why fir trees are used as symbols of survival in the Winter Solstice since they're evergreens, but obviously she didn't absorb everything. She was, however, a little freaked out by my explanatory lectures on detention without trial and pontianaks. She's gonna have nightmares tonight about trying to drive a nail into the neck of an ISD officer who lives in a banana tree on Sentosa. :P I do my best to educate and expand the imagination.

On the way back in the MRT, we played some more with PhotoBooth. Kim has a passion for using the Mirror function to become a congenitally deformed infant:

While I like the way the Bulge function mimics the use of steroids.

... and I was half an hour late for rehearsals. Come for VISTA Lab leh!


xinhui said...

hahaha. so you have that problem too? I'm always late cos I always want to squeeze every moment of enjoyment and love out of the moments that I have. I'm too much a carpe diem person, personally.

Ng Yi-Sheng said...

Nah, I'm late usually cos I'm lazy. :P I used to be punctual though!