Monday, August 13, 2007

ContraDiction aftermath and Pink Run

Phew! About 100 people turned up for ContraDiction (maybe more; we ran out of seats!). Iris had an inflamed throat so we had a replacement singer, I lost my peanut butter cookies and Tupperware on the bus, our reader for Johann S. Lee's novel extract couldn't make it, and Maia Lee lost her way... but it all turned out extremely well! Great mix of voices! Will upload photos once people send them to me!

In the meantime, here's a photo by Ian Lee of the Pink Run on Saturday morning... I'm fourth fom the right in the back row. 37 people in the photo, not counting the ones who turned up late, and not counting the 10 plainclothes police officers who advised us to cancel the run (we cancelled it, took the group photo, and allowed everyone to run in a non-organised fashion if we chose... and most of us did choose to).

I ran 4km, did my Cold Storage Shopping, watched Ovidia Yu's "Hitting (on) Women", attended my capoeira class and then went to watch Jochen Roller's "Perform Performing", in which I volunteered to go onstage to dance for 3 minutes in exchange for S$10 to demonstrate the economic opportunity cost of art.

So on Sunday morning my ass was very sore indeed. Sex is overrated as a full-body workout.


w. said...

Hey Yi-Sheng, I was at ContraDiction last night and it was a really great event! Thanks much for the effort that you put into organising this event.

Ng Yi-Sheng said...

you're welcome! I was worried it was too long... next time I'll leave more time to socialise.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yi-Sheng, it's Johann (Joe) here. Thanks for including my piece - I wasn't even sure it was going to be read, and I only found on the grapevine! Please thank Jonathan Lim for me for stepping in. I've been told that he read well. (You have my emnail address from the Fridae interview correspondence I think.)

All the best, and well done you for organising this important event.