Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I'm experiencing a fit of nostalgia for 2005. God, those were the days. New York, my thesis on Garcia Marquez and Mo Yan, a creative writing chapbook in the works and sex with boys all colours of the rainbow.

This is my ex, Chuck Alvarez. He is pretty.

This is my creative writing partner, Courtney Aja Barton. She's also pretty.

This is my sister, E-Ching. She can look pretty with a Viking hat on.

I, however, resemble a human turd.
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Yangfa said...

Hiya! your ex looks hot! & you don't look too bad yourself, really. that pic just didn't do you justice, & calling yourself human turd is a bit harsh, you gotta admint! ;) anyway I’ve finally figured out how to include your link on my blog, so I’ve just done that!