Monday, November 13, 2006

And as we approached, a signboard. And a cat. Loads of sleeping cats in this district.

I got to Learning Site's "Underground Mushroom Farm" late, but the ESO let me in anyway. They've taught Singapore kindergarten kids to grow oyster mushrooms in this giant truncated cuboctahedron. There's photos on the walls showing how the kids learn to cook this stuff too... breaking out of the commonplace capitalist cycle.

Unfortunately, the mushrooms need cold temperatures to grow. When the air-con broke down, the bags of shitake died. They ended up as these giant heaps of compost, like mutant pigeon turds.

And here's a man interacted with Nakhee Sung'smural, "Passage"! It turned out much better than her Tanglin Camp installation, "Radar", which was fugly.
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