Monday, November 13, 2006

Bye-bye Biennale

Yeah, I know I've been a Biennale bitch for all this time, but I'm sentimental about having been part of a seminal, I dunno, history-making cultural event. It's like the time I was in ACPS and we broke the World Record for the longest consecutive game of musical chairs.

Anyway, given that the Biennale's over, I figured I might as well upload a few last graphics of the Biennale site hardly anyone went to see - the heartland HDB flat, Block 79, Indus Road!

Below are two K2 boys who actually live in the flat and attend the mushroom-growing kindergarten and torment cats in the neighbourhood. They talked to me about the event when I got there just after the door had closed for the interior exhibition. And yes, the one on the left is holding a Biennale brochure.

The second time I went, I managed to view Santiago Cucullu's "Come to Me". It's right there, below - it's the stuff that looks like colourful laundry going down the line of the flat. Sometimes art is a little too well camouflaged.
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