Saturday, January 02, 2010

And a farewell to 2009...

It's a mashup of the year's 25 top pop hits, by DJ Earworm. For a better view, go to the HD page on Youtube.

It's a massive development over his already very fine 2008 and 2007 mashups. Personally, though, I feel his finest work is the mashup "No More Gas":

This is what the DJ said when he uploaded the track in '08:

…Lately in pop music there’s been this growing undercurrent of dysfunction and desperation.

Leona Lewis talks about love in terms of flesh wounds, Akon sings of girls being dangerous, Danity Kane complains of being damaged, Ne-Yo is unable to control himself, Rihanna is going crazy.

Meanwhile a burning hunger for more cries out: The Pussycat Dolls, Britney, and Lupe Fiasco all desire fame, attention, recognition, and they encourage the listener to feel the same way. All this, mixed in with Madonna’s pre-apocalyptic pop song plus Estelle and Kanye’s transatlantic lovefest, starts to paint a picture of where our culture is today, overwhelmed by our own raging appetites, even as we run out of what we need.

And you can dance to it!

UPDATE: I've just found out he's a gay man, too. Used to spin for a San Francisco party called Faggot. See here.

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