Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Lessons Learned" by Matt and Kim

Love this video. And not just because there's a tall skinny young man going barebutt in it.

Of course, one side effect of Qian Xi's current feminist Facebook crusade (which has been extremely alienating in many respects), is that I keep on wondering: is the video sexist in a certain way?

There's an interview with the director and artists here.


Han & Zan said...

What's possibly sexist about it?


Ng Yi-Sheng said...

Well, it's basically nudity to get attention. Which is evidently (from the video, and from the interview, and from an understanding of popular culture), much scarier for Kim than it is for Matt.

And of course, this weird dooming of her at the end... There's a fair bit of violence in the Matt and Kim videos, but usually both experience it fairly equally.

Kim's pretty awesome to me 'cos she doesn't fit the profile of a woman in rock except for the fact that she's young, white and not fat. She looks different, she plays a different role as the drummer.