Sunday, September 20, 2009

Had a great time writing with the Proletariat Poetry Society today.

Invited emerging/recently returned from abroad and bloody good poets Johann Loh and Lee Yew Leong along as well. We must've generated at least 100 doggerels between us. Yew Leong says he wants to buy a typewriter of his own - better suited to his writing, he says.

Plus we get paid $30 each for our servility! On the downside, left my headphones back there.

And now for some lolz.

UPDATE: Seems that my mentee, [redacted], ordered a poem for me at PPF today:

you were all dying when it began


in taoist philosophy, there is something that is referred to as XUAN
it is a murky, unclear thing, existing somewhat like a cloud of
mystery and undefined certainties
all things pass through it before exi ting
and will do so again after their end
in it, this primordial substance
are the XXXXXXXXX imaginary numbers
and the unspoken words

Woowhee. I wrote my mentors an assload of poems. But did I ever commission any for them? Nosiree!

Kudos: I has it.

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