Monday, August 10, 2009

There was a giant puppet of "Mrs Raffles" in the National Day Parade last night.

Given that:

1) such a character has never appeared before in the parade,

2) my play "The Last Temptation of Stamford Raffles", staged last year, featured Sophia Raffles as a prominent character,

3) the parade director this year, Ivan Heng, was also the back-up director of my play "The Last Temptation of Stamford Raffles" last year (my original director, Christina Sergeant, had a family emergency)

... did I inadvertently influence this year's NDP?

It could've been someone else's idea, of course. :) Like maybe Loo Zihan's:

That's from his multimedia project Sophia Raffles, staged in '07 at NTU.

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