Monday, May 18, 2009


Statue of Homer and youth, UVA.

Little brother before graduation.

Little brother after graduation.

Stuffed deer, Bamboo Palace Korean Restaurant.

Mother's leg, graduation ceremony.

Brother's ex's parents, graduation ceremony.

French toast, apartment.

Frolicking parents, Monticello.

Intense sister, graduation ceremony.

Hunted sister, apartment.

Cautionary signage, UVA lawn.

Graduates, UVA lawn.

Giant lettuce, Monticello.

Bagel shop (infamous among Singaporean community).

Live crabs, Asian food market.

Recreational mother, Birdwood Golf Green.

Focussed mother, graduation ceremony.

Ramen, apartment.

Ramen eaters, apartment.

Detritus, UVA lawn.

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