Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm back from Turin! (Dream 230309)

And I've lost my Sony Ericsson handphone charger. Anyone know where I can get a replacement?

Also, I keep on dreaming of alternative versions of "Slumdog Millionaire". Highlights of this afternoon's version:

Dev Patel somehow had his left arm chopped off, was half-blinded and left with festering skin in the Mumbai streets of swarming flies. A kindly Australian lady took pity on him and fed him a piece of watermelon on the floor. With every piece of fruit she put in his mouth, his body changed into a different, patterned, psychedelic neon colour.

Later in the show, the gameshow compere refused to give him the prize, so he jumped out the window and chanced upon a pink Live Aid float to support the Maldives. When the viewers emerged the next morning, he was using it to become a glam rocker with Lavita accompanied by a press-ganged gospel chorus of blondes, all singing the theme to the upcoming movie version of Alan Moore's "Promethea".

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