Monday, December 29, 2008


From Wikipedia: Anglicized form of the Dutch pappekak, which literally means soft dung or diarrhea (from Dutch pap pap + kak dung)

I don't care. I finished my can of original almond'n'pecan on Boxing Day and I want more.

More related to the definition, my sis says she'd dearly love to eat some despite her explosive lactose intolerance (she's rather overjoyed by my Christmas purchase of vanilla Soy Dream pseudo-ice cream). I've found some recipes online, but she refuses to consider the use of margarine (hydrogenation = heart disease) and baulks a little at corn syrup (which is similarly awful for her when it's high-fructose).

Hmm. There may be hope yet.


Anonymous said...

I can add to that: The word came in existence in a time when "pape's" (Catholic priests) were living the good life (thus a bad stool) while civilians/farmers were on the brink of hunger-death. This was the main instigator to the protestant movement and the 'beeldenstorm' (luting and destroying catholic churches) that later followed.

Ng Yi-Sheng said...

Whoa. Hold on, are you the Cat that's Leon's girlfriend?