Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Goodbye, Cheebye: The Joy of Lex

Part of our farewell party involved a good ol' traditional game of Sexy Scrabble. Rules are that every word you put down has to have something to do with sex. Raunch ranks higher than standard orthography.

Note, for example, neologisms such as HERCOK, BANGNOTIE, PENIO (which was originally just PEN) and BAAGASM (this was at first just GASM, but it mutated into AAGASM and then finally to its current incarnation, which is probably a sexual climax involving a sheep).

Also note the multilingualism of the board: NONOK (Malay for vagina) and DIU (Cantonese for fuck) share the board with JIEB (which was originally JIE, but now might be short for jiebye...?).

A few further explications: ZULU => ZULUVA (either someone who loves a guy called Zul or someone who loves sex in zoos) and SEX/EASE => SEXTEASE => NUNSEXTEASE => OLNUNSEXTEASE -=> OLNUNSEXTEASER.

Gawd, why am I blogging. I have the Biennale press conference tomorrow and way too many articles due.

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