Monday, September 08, 2008

Season of Migration to the North

Two weeks ago, my little brother's flew back to Virginia for his final year of college.

To wish him goodbye, we ate chicken rice:

And rode the Singapore Flyer. Look! The fireworks festival was on that night.

Below, you'll see evidence of the Tourism Board's systematic marginalisation of Tamil:

Even Italian, Spanish, Portugese and Singlish are deemed more important to print than Tamil! I mean, I thought they were trying to wipe out Singlish. (It's not even very believable Singlish. My sister's ascertained that "lah" is only used in the context of replies.)

That's her below, being grumpy in the sky.

It's a rather nice view, though.

Not incredible, but not bad. Worth about 20 bucks, okay, the first time round anyway.


1 comment:

矛盾 said...

linda familia!!!
y te ves taaaaaaan guapo en la ultima foto...