Sunday, June 22, 2008

This is how much I rule.

First off, I've actually completed one of those DIY wooden dinosaur skeleton models you can buy for $6 from the Science Centre. They always used to elude me when I was a kid, and I'd break the pieces. Now, I have matured:

Beaut, innit? This one's a dragon and a phoenix battling over the sun. Way cooler than a stegosaurus, huh?

And just as importantly, I've published my first novel, "Eating Air". It's already selling at Kinokuniya.

As noted before, it's actually a novelisation of the movie by Kelvin Tong and Jasmine Ng, which I lerrrrved when it came out in 1999. Last year I was commissioned to write it by National Library Board, and it's finally out, together with Dr Yeo Wei Wei's novelisation of Royston Tan's "4:30" and James Toh's rendition of Eric Khoo's "12 Storeys".

And damn, we had a pretty posh launch. It was held in The Pod @ the National Library (i.e. that weird bubble on the 17th floor). There was an absurdly theoretical moderator:

And an absurdly solipsistic question from the floor:

And, as you can see, hordes of library officials who had no idea what they were doing there.

Strangely enough, Royston, James and Eric failed to appear at this launch. Only the "Eating Air" folks came out in force: Kelvin, Jasmine and I more or less dominated the panel. Following which, we went over to VivoCity's Sushi Tei to get stoned on sake, soba and salmon sashimi. Sedap.

Here's me, Kelvin and Jasmine.

Here's (from left to right) publisher Enoch Ng, fellow writer Dr Yeo Wei Wei, a grinning Kelvin and a derisive Jasmine. Almost in the picture is Kat, Kelvin's assistant director at Boku films.

And I plunge back into obscurity. Just watch me. :)

UPDATE: Ooh ooh ooh! Channel News Asia has an article about the book! (But not, sadly, about my mad woodcraft skillz.)

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