Sunday, June 29, 2008

Celebrate (bio)Diversity!!!

I'm gonna distract myself from my NYC gay drama for a while. Couple of weeks ago, I took my niece Kimberlyn to the Raffles Biodiversity Museum in NUS.

This is her at Compassvale Point with her cute little sister Kerrilyn. Kerrilyn has a bewitching smile and no sense of focus.

Kimberlyn can be focussed at times, but on that day she was just so thrilled by the phantasmagorical plethora of taxidermia that she was exhibiting the most darling of ADHD symptoms.

Lookit this stuff! Innit cool?

Li'l Miss Linnaeus and I were having fun, certainly.

She particularly loved this leopard cat, one of the last seen specimens in Singapore. It was run over by a car sometime in the '90s, so it's got a squashed face with pink squishy bits coming out. Somehow death and disembowelment (or defacement?) is not a disqualifying factor in kawaii-ness.

She also loved the stuffed tiger. She wants to own one when she's rich. Who knows?

And who wouldn't love a cuddly sun bear cub?

Or a mummified macaque?

I took a photo of this insect (among many) because it had Raffles' name in it.

As does this flower, the original Rafflesia. Ahhh, a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

In other news, have met with the siblings in New York. They can't wait to come home and take Kim on rock-climbing and book-hunting excursions. Woo-weet!

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