Monday, May 26, 2008

The Singapore Discovery Centre sucks.

Reason #1: I lost my wallet there.  :(

It's like the 6th time I've lost my IC.  The police are starting to believe I'm selling them (seriously, I have to be questioned by the police before I get a new one).  Today I went to Bugis Market and got a new one for $11 though:

I made the trip there yesterday with my niece Kimberlyn.  This is a shot of us with her little sister Kerrilyn, taken when her parents came to pick us up.

Anyway, Reasons #2 thru #Aleph-null: PATRIOTISCH KITSCH.

There's actually a computer game about how Singapore colonises other planets in the year 3000, but officers have to be despatched to these colonies to ensure that the inhabitants continue practising good Singapore values of meritocracy and working your butt off.

Oh, and isn't this a great thing to teach yer kids:

You can't change the world, kid.  YER TOO ****IN' SMALL.  (I can't use profanities because I'm going to e-mail Kimberlyn and link to this site.)

There's a play area where you have to try and cope with Singapore's small size by building upwards.  I tried to do a Westin Stamford:

But a security lady eminent-domained my land and tore it down before it could become Hotel New World.

There's lots of other photos I'd like to add, but my computer's on the fritz.  Incidentally, Kimberlyn loved the place.  Kids have no taste.

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