Sunday, July 22, 2007

"Invisible City" and "Gone Shopping"

Two important local films coming up!

First, there's "Invisible City" by Tan Pin Pin, a documentary on memory and forgetting in Singapore. It's showing at the Arts House from today onwards. In English, Mandarin and Japanese.

Second, and just as importantly, there's Wee Li Lin's "Gone Shopping", a commercial feature-length piece about ennui and shopping culture, starting this Thursday. In English, Mandarin and Tamil.

Reasons I'm excited about both movies:

1) They cover hidden aspects of Singapore - the erasure of the past and shopping. Yes, we talk about shopping a lot in theory (and in commerce), but we never examine it as a cultural phenomenon. Great to do this and market it to a commercial audience.

2) Both filmmakers are women. I know you may think that's trivial, but my feminist approach to art was somewhat influenced by the Guerrilla Girls, and it's a leetle bit disturbing when you consider how few of Singapore's feature-length films are directed by women - "Eating Air" and "Singapore Dreaming" were amazing, but Jasmine Ng and Woo Yen Yen are always overshadowed by Kelvin Tong and Colin Goh in the publicity. Wee Li Lin's probably the first woman to make a solo feature-length film here aimed at commercial release.

3) Both filmmakers have done really good work in the past. You've probably heard of Tan Pin Pin's "Singapore Gaga" and "Moving House", but Wee Li Lin's less well-known, mostly producing shorts and commercials. Check out her later work on her website, especially "Autograph Book".

Invisible City opens at The Arts House on 22 July-12 August 2007. Call 6332 6919 for tickets now. Tickets at $8 (Adults) and $6 (Students with ID). Pin Pin will be present to take Q&A on 22-24 July.

The three screenings are at different venues and open to public. Tickets are free by registration.

The World Premiere: Thurs, 19 July 2007, 8pm, University Cultural Centre Theatre.
To register for tickets for this screening, email your full name and mobile no. to or contact 6516 4229.

Friday, 20 July 2007, 8pm, Theatreworks 72-13.
To register for tickets, email or contact 6737 7213 (pay-as-you-wish, proceeds go to 72-13)

Saturday, 21 July 2007, 8pm, The Substation.
To register for tickets, email or contact 6337 7800 (pay-as-you-wish, all proceeds go to Substation)

Thurs, 26 July, 7pm, Theatreworks 72-13.
Pin Pin will be giving a ‘making-of’ Invisible City talk. No registration required.

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