Thursday, January 04, 2007

Preemptive nostalgia

Woo weet! These are the photos I was trying to post before I left Singapore for Bangkok. I got into this frenzy of photo-taking just before leaving, just to preserve something of my everyday life before it got foreign again.

So here's a few shots of the last days of 2006:

It was Dongzhi, the Chinese winter solstice festival, and my family had made tangyuan with pink food colouring and boiled pandan leaves as per tradition. (And as per current lifestyle, they didn't bother to save any for me when I came home after midnight.)

I also went to Bukit Timah Plaza to see Dr Chang Tou Liang, my GP (I switched over from Nam Sang Clinic because the doctor there has known me since I was a toddler and is consequently infuriatingly patronising). His prescriptions didn't help my cough much, but guess what? It turns out that he's one of the two reviewers for The Flying Inkpot Classical Music Review site, which is still really active, despite being somewhat delayed in its updates.

And this was where I went to shop for jewellery for my grandma. Got her an utterly tasteless jade pendant which cost much more than I could afford. No-one saw me giving it to her either, dammit, so there goes the filial piety cred. On the other hand, she really seemed touched that *someone* remembered to give her a present.

Stuff on Bangkok tomorrow.

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